MMS & Your Health

Activating The MMS Drops Via Water Purification
In order to activate sodium chlorite, the scientific term for MMS water purification, there should be an acidic compound that needs to be added to the supplement. This is to facilitate formation of the compound chlorine dioxide to promote eradication of human pathogens. Sodium chlorite is poured into water to facilitate purification. This clears the water of pathogens and heavy metal residues. A drop of sodium chlorite to a gallon of water usually removes common heavy metals, and since it’s potable, you may drink it up to ten times. Here are some of the other basics that you need to know with regards to th water purification procedure.
Substances that activate the MMS Water Purification Drops
• The juice of lime or lemon fruits
• Apple cider vinegar, unfiltered
• Citric acid
Mushrooms can be a little dangerous...Basically, you need to place five drops of any of the mentioned acidic substances for every drop of MMS solution. With the mixture, you have just come up with a 10% solution of MMS. Mix them together and let it stand for three minutes. This helps to activate the MMS water purification drops before using it. The unfiltered variant of the apple cider vinegar is highly beneficial among the other ingredients because it is used to activate the yeast-killing mechanism of the mixture, plus it is hypoallergenic so there is nothing you need to worry about breaking out or having hives.
Apple cider vinegar is preferred by most MMS users because there are individuals who are hypersensitive to citric acid. A wave of nausea is not a normal response to drinking the mixture, especially if you have used other ingredients other than the apple cider. For nausea, wait at least 10 minutes, afterwards; wash it down with distilled water that has a teaspoon of baking soda in it. Eating an apple when a wave of nausea ensues can also help to relieve the sickening feeling, dispose of the offending mixture and make another one with apple cider vinegar for Fungus can be a problem to ehalth...your activator. On a side note, be sure to learn how to purify water & kill parasites before drinking – potent knowledge. It may also be in your better interests to learn what the government has to say about the dangers of parasites also
In order to make a 10% solution, you will need to mix one tablespoon of citric acid solution to 9 tablespoons of distilled water. Afterwards, let it stand and store the finished mixture in the fridge. You have just prepared 4 oz of the said 10% solution. With the said mixture, add five drops of it to every drop of MMS water purification.
To make a 50% solution, just mix six tablespoons of the citric acid solution to 6 tablespoons too of distilled water. This forms four ounces of the desired amount and then store it in the fridge afterwards. Every time you use this mixture, add a drop of MMS for each drop of the mixture.
So those are the basic things that you need to know about activating your MMS water purification drops. It’s not much of an effort or deal to prepare your desired strength of solution right? Once you get the hang of it, it will be just like making coffee or seeping tea when you wake up in the morning. Always bear in mind though that MMS should not be considered as a main cure for your infectious problem, rather, it can serve as a helpful remedy to boost one’s immune system.